Your Vote Has Power: Use It!

The 2020 election is only months away. Elections can decide how critical programs for people with disabilities and families work—make sure your vote counts! Our new, free resources include information on why it is important to vote, how to vote, and what to do if your voting rights are violated, plus fact sheets on important issues and sample questions for candidates. 

All materials are in plain language and available in Spanish, PDF, and Word versions.

Los recursos están en lenguaje simple, disponible en español y ingles, y versiones de PDF y Word.

Disability Voter Guide

This includes information on:

  • Who can vote

  • Where people can vote

  • How to register to vote

  • How to find out who and what you can vote on

  • How to learn about candidates and issues

  • How voting works on Election Day

  • What to do if your voting rights are violated

  • How you can help others vote

  • Other helpful resources around voting

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