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The state’s leading and largest organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families has partnered with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to develop a resource center for the IDD/DD population seeking addiction services.


As Mississippians who experience disability begin to receive services in the community rather than congregate settings, so too are they being exposed to the dangers of addiction.


The Arc, through the formation of our R.A.D.A.R. (Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resource) Center, seeks to introduce new methods of reaching diverse populations by making the information virtually accessible, and by using partnerships to extend our reach into communities.

It is our intent to educate and support all persons who may be impacted by mental health conditions, abuse and addiction, or ID/DD.

For more information about the RADAR center, or for treatment information, please fill out the attached contact form.

Did you know?

· People with physical and intellectual disabilities are more likely to have a substance use disorder and less likely to get effective treatment for it than those without such a coexisting disability

· Children with Developmental Disorders are four times as likely to be physically, emotionally or sexually abused or neglected than children with typical development. These traumas are a leading cause of substance abuse.

· The individual with ID and SA usually begins substance abuse early to late adolescence

· A 1997 study indicated that basic education about drugs was absent from health education programs for persons with ID

This same study showed that a desire to “fit in” and social or peer pressure leads to initiation of substance abuse. The desire to fit in and bond with peer groups only grows with a move to community.

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